Sangmin Ahn (Founder & CEO)

Sangmin is the founder & CEO of The Choimirai Company(日本語「ちょいみらい」).

Sangmin was born and raised in South Korea. He briefly studied architecture before joining military service in 1994.

Journey Starts and First Overseas


Sangmin started his English learning in Australia in 1997 soon after he finished 26 months long military service in South Korea. He lived in Australia for a year with a working holiday visa. 

Trip to Japan


In 1998, Sangmin flew to Japan to study Japanese and he lived in Japan till 2000. While in Japan, he passed JLPT (日本語能力試験)  Level 1, which is the highest level in the exam.

Study Computer Science


Sangmin went to Canada to pursue a degree in Computer Science. He lived in Calgary, Canada for 4 years and successfully earned BSc. with Cum Laude, in Computer Science. During school years, Sangmin worked as a faculty assistant in a school library. He never went back to Korea to resume the school where he majored in architecture. 

One Year in India


Sangmin featured in Nikkei

In his senior year, Sangmin landed a job at Infosys, which is one of the best IT consulting companies in the world. The company is based in Bangalore, India. Sangmin lived in Bangalore for a year from 2004 till 2005 and moved to Infosys' Tokyo office in 2005. Till 2009, Sangmin had worked in various IT projects for international as well as Japanese domestic clients.

<Image> Sangmin featured in Nikkei on 8/23/2005. Click the image to enlarge.

Work at Nomura


In 2009, Sangmin joined Global Information Technology department at Nomura Securities and he had experienced in many different aspects of financial IT systems End-to-End.

Pursue Higher Education


During Sangmin's tenure at Nomura, he was accepted to Georgia Tech in 2014 to further pursue Master's degree in Computer Science (Specialization in Machine Learning). The image below is the acceptance letter that Sangmin received from Georgia Tech. According to US News, Georgia Tech ranked #7 in the Best Engineering US Grad Schools.

Machine Learning 

ジョージア工科大学では、機械学習(Machine Learning)を専攻。

Machine Learning

Reinforcement Learning



 Sun Certified JAVA Programmer
Project Management Professional
Newsela Certified Educator


Sangmin left Nomura in March 2015 to start his own business. Since he started 「ちょいみらい」in April 2015, Sangmin has made a few pivots in business plan and finally decided to work on improving English skills for Japanese learners.

History of TOEIC Test


※ Did not take 209th TOEIC test.
※ TBA:To Be Added

217th: Jan. 29


214th: Oct. 23



History of TOEFL Test


Places Where Sangmin Has Lived


You can contact Sangmin via Twitter(@gijigae) or his email, sangmin at



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